Clover Buds

Clover Bud

How the Clover Bud Program Works:

Clubs provide activity-based education for members. Activity- based means a variety of short-term experiences for youth that creates a cooperative fun approach to learning. Youth participate in activities at club meetings that focus on topics that are of interest to this young audience. Volunteers choose activities from a variety of topic areas including: healthy lifestyles, environmental/earth science, citizenship, plants and animals, consumerism and family science, personal development, science and technology, and expressive arts.

The Purpose of Clover Buds:

􏰀 The goal of the 4-H Clover Bud Program is to promote the healthy development of youth ages 5 to 8, to become capable, competent, caring and contributing citizens.

To accomplish this, Clover Buds will:

  •  Develop self-understanding and confidence through positive and cooperative learning environments.
  •  Experience achievement through an age appropriate and success- oriented activity- based curriculum.
  • Develop positive attitudes of self, family and community through caring adults and older youth who serve as positive role models.


Clover Bud Officers


Damon Smith – President

Joselyn Champagne – Vice President

Janaai Landry – Secretary

Kylan Vedol – Behavior Monitor

Chaidyn Parker



The Clover Bud Members



First Grade Members: Ja’Vahea Becnel, Addyson

Broden, Jaidan Cortez, Jaidyn Howard, Demonte

Lemar, Semya Mickens, Aden Nicholas, Lyric

Smith, and Shaianna Valentine

Second Grade Members: Janaai Landry, Chaidyn

Parker, Za’Nyi Ross, and Zephinena Williams


Third Grade Members: Joselyn Champagne, Asaunti

Broden, Damon Smith, Rayonna Sterling, and Kylan



Sponsors: Lucas Cortez and Jack Bosworth



*The Clover Buds club meets on a monthly basis

from 3:00-5:00 p.m.