Library Club

Library Club


Mrs. Adrienne Schexnayder


To increase literacy awareness in

all members of the school community.


To provide services to the school library.

Promote reading and good reading habits.

Teach individuals about use of the library.

Create, promote, and administer library fundraisers.

Maintain the condition of the library.

Developing and maintaining the library collection.


* All club members must set a good example for patrons by following the posted rules.

* Members must reach a minimum of 50% of their AR goal per 9 weeks.

* Members are required to volunteer a minimum of 1 hour per 9 weeks to read to lower grades.

* Members will assist the librarian in all aspects of maintaining the library.

* Members must be passing all subjects with a minimum grade of 2.0.


      President: Diante Blain

      Vice President: Ja’Quon Jones

      Secretary: Shaquan Long

      Reporter: Aspen Broden