Using Parent Portal

Using the Parent Portal

Parent Portal: Parent/Guardian Single Account
For parents or guardians to create their own account from Parent Portal:
1. Open a web browser, and go to
2. In the Create an Account section, click Create Account.
3. On the Create Parent/Guardian Account page, enter the parent/guardian first name and last name in the appropriate fields.
4. Enter the parent’s email in the next field.
5. Enter the desired user name and password in the appropriate fields.
6. Re-enter the password for security authentication.
7. For each student to be associated in the account, enter the student name, access ID, and access password issued on the Web ID and Password letter received from the school.
8. Open the Relationship menu, and select the appropriate relationship for each student being added.
9. When ready, click Enter.

Parent Portal: Login
Once an account has been created, parents, guardians, or students can log in to Parent Portal:
1. Open a web browser, and go to
2. Whether a parent or student, enter the user name and password, and click Submit.
3. If there is a problem remembering the user name or password, click Having trouble Logging in?
4. Select the tab for either “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot User Name?”
5. Enter the requested user name or password if remembered, and email address. Click Enter.
6. Correct information will be sent to the email address.

Parent Portal: Updating Name/Password
To update the first and last name, user name, and password for the account, click Account Preferences. Update information as needed under the Profile tab, then click Save.
Once the account is created, a parent or guardian may still add students to the account.

Parent Portal: Adding a Student to an Account
1. On the Parent Portal navigation bar, click Account Preferences.
2. To add or edit students, click the Students tab.
3. To add a student, click Add.
4. In the Add Student window, enter the student name, access ID, and access password.
5. Open the Relationship menu, and select the correct relationship.
6. Click Submit.

Parent Portal: Email

To modify the information sent to a parent or guardian:
1. In the navigation bar, click Email Notification.
2. Select or clear items of information you want in or out of the report sent to the parent’s or guardian’s email address.
3. Open the How Much? menu, and select the frequency of receiving the reports.
4. If you want to have the report sent to other addresses, enter the addresses in the Additional Email Addresses field, separating additional addresses with commas.
5. If these changes are for all students in the account, select Apply these settings to all your students?
6. If you wish to send a report immediately, click Send now... .
7. Click Submit.

Parent Portal: Comments

To read teacher comments:
1. In the navigation bar, click Teacher Comments.
2. General comments regarding the student are displayed on the Teacher Comments page. To send email to the teacher, click the teacher’s name.
3. Comments are included to the right of the teacher names.
4. To view specific grade comments, click Grades and Attendance in the navigation bar.
5. Select a grade, and click the link.
6. Assignments listed on the Class Score Detail page may include a link under the Score column. To see the comment, click the score link.

Parent Portal: Grades and Attendance, Grade History, Attendance
To view current grade and attendance information:
1. In the navigation bar, click Grades and Attendance.
2. If the student has dropped classes and you want them included, click Show Dropped Classes also.
3. To view additional information about a term grade, click the link associated with that grade.
4. If the teacher has included information about an assignment, the assignment name will become a link. Click the assignment name.
5. The Assignment Description page includes teacher, course, assignment name, and assignment description. If the teacher has linked to an Internet website to provide additional help, click the link to that page.
6. Click on the numbers in either the Absences or Tardies columns to view information on Absences and Tardies during the current term.

To view grade information only:
1. In the navigation bar, click Grade History.
2. On the Grade History page, courses are listed per quarter with grade, score, citizenship grade, and credit hours information displayed.
3. To access the Class Score Detail page, click the Grade percentage link for the desired class.

To view attendance information only:
1. In the navigation bar, click Attendance History.
2. Course names are shown in the left column, and the weekly dates are displayed in the top column headings. Absences, tardies, and other codes are explained in the Notes section at the bottom of the page.

Parent Portal: Registration, Calendar

To use the registration features in Parent Portal: (Once Activated)
1. On the Start Page, click Class Registration.
2. On the Registration page, a Road icon indicates the course has been recommended by a teacher. To identify the teacher, click the Road icon.
3. To select a course, click the Pencil icon.
4. In the Course window, select the course you want to request by clicking the course name check box. When ready, click OK.
5. When the desired courses on the Registration page have been selected, click Submit.
6. To view any course requests, click View Course Requests.

To use the Calendar feature in Parent Portal:
1. You must have iCal calendar application installed.
2. On the Start Page, click My Calendars.
3. Choose whether you wish to receive calendar information on only assignments, or to also include My Scores and Final Grades as well.
4. On the Homework Calendar window, select Subscribe for the appropriate course and information column desired.
5. In the Launch Application Window, choose the application that will open My Calendar. Click OK.
6. In the Subscription window, click Subscribe. You may be asked for your Parent Portal user ID and password for authentication.

Logging Out of the Parent Portal

When finished working in PowerSchool Parent Portal, it is important to log out of the application.

Automatic Log Out of PowerSchool Parent Portal

You can log out of PowerSchool Parent Portal from any page in the application. Note: If you are not actively working in PowerSchool Parent Portal, your session may timeout. If so, you need to log in again.

How to Log Out of PowerSchool Parent Portal

Click Sign Out in the navigation bar. The Log In page appears. You must enter your username and password again to redisplay the PowerSchool Parent Portal start page.

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